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Toyota Model Comparisons


Not every car is made to stay clean, even if it does look amazing coming out of a car wash. The 4Runner is made for those who like to leave the beaten path and forge their own trails.

4Runner vs Pathfinder



Some thought it would be 86’d when the Scion brand was discontinued, but it’s not so. The Toyota 86 is one of the most thrilling options for your money, and a test drive will prove it.

86 vs BRZ


If it sounds like a mystical land of beauty, never fear: The Toyota Avalon is every bit your fantasy car. With an upscale interior and host of features, it’s almost too good to belong to this world.

Avalon vs Taurus


Avalon Hybrid

Taking all the virtues of the Toyota Avalon, but boosting the fuel economy is the Avalon Hybrid. It’s powerful, convenient and it happens to save you from visiting the fuel pumps.

Avalon Hybrid vs Accord Hybrid


The Toyota Camry is a staple in the lineup, and with a good reason. This midsize sedan offers a variety of necessary features, and then a few that are just fun to have for you and your family.

Camry vs Avalon
2018 Camry vs Accord
2018 vs 2017 Toyota Camry
2017 Camry vs Accord
Camry vs Altima
Camry vs Corolla

Camry Hybrid

Toyota is the first automaker to mass-produce a hybrid, the Prius, and the Camry benefits from many years of perfecting the system. Everything you love from Toyota, in an efficient package.

Camry Hybrid vs Accord Hybrid


When Toyota presented the new C-HR as a concept vehicle, plenty of fans showed their interest. So much so, it became clear the model had to make it to production. 

C-HR vs Juke
C-HR vs HR-V


Everyone has to start somewhere, and the Toyota Corolla is often a great first vehicle or solid option for those who just need a reliable compact car for that long commute to work or school.

Corolla vs Sentra
Corolla vs Corolla iM
Corolla vs Civic
Corolla vs Cruze

Corolla iM

How is the Corolla iM different from the standard Corolla? It’s all about cargo space as this hatchback version of the Corolla provides a stylish alternative with plenty of space in the rear.

Corolla iM vs Fiesta Hatchback


It may seem like you can fit the whole crew into one compact car when your family is small, but as the children grow so do your needs. This is where the Toyota Highlander comes in.

Highlander vs 4Runner
Highlander vs Explorer

Land Cruiser

Every midsize sedan has a luxury option; so why shouldn’t your SUV choices include the same? The Toyota Highlander is both upscale and capable for a versatile and comfortable option.



It may be the first hybrid in the Toyota lineup, but it isn’t losing any of its appeal as the years go by. The Toyota Prius continues to be a top option thanks to its fuel economy and convenience.


Prius c

What makes the Prius c different? It has all the virtues of the standard Prius, but this city car is a compact option that fits well into tight parking spots and is easier to weave through traffic.


Prius Prime

What’s better than a standard hybrid? A plug-in version. The Prius Prime is making big waves as it offers the same style and features, but the plug-in model can achieve far more economy.


Prius v

Not only are station wagons back in vogue, but there’s a modern spin with the Prius v. Now you can have a hybrid station wagon for an efficient and roomy option for your family’s needs.



The Toyota RAV4 is always a top option for its segment, and it’s not just because it looks pretty. This model is reliable, comfortable and provides a quiet ride for city streets or dirt roads.

RAV4 vs CR-V
RAV4 vs Forester

RAV4 Hybrid

One downside of driving a larger vehicle is moving away from fuel efficient options, but not when you drive the RAV4 Hybrid. This model is every bit as capable, while using less fuel.



It’s larger, roomier and more than able to handle whatever you throw at it. The Toyota Sequoia is meant to be put through its paces when it comes to towing and packing up for road trips.



Maybe the Swagger Wagon name sounds like a job, but the features it offers are ones you’ll take seriously. When a minivan is in your future, the Sienna is the one destined for you.

Sienna vs Sedona


There is no segment that is meant to push the limits quite like the pickup truck, which is why you need the tough build of the Toyota Tacoma. It also happens to be your best off-road option.

Tacoma vs Colorado
Tacoma vs Ridgeline


When it comes time for towing a heavy workload, you need a model that won’t let you down. Enter the Toyota Tundra and its powerful build and heavy-duty capability for everyday needs.

Tundra vs F-150


A compact car can go from efficient to exhausted if it’s too weighed down. The Toyota Yaris offers all the essentials, without all the weight of a bulkier design so you get a practical model.


Yaris iA

The Toyota Yaris is a hatchback, but the Yaris iA goes back to the basics in the form of a compact sedan. It’s efficient, easy to maneuver, has improved visibility and it looks just a tad sporty.

Yaris iA vs Corolla